Lauren Fair Atelier

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Lauren Fair Atelier

After 10+ years of teaching in person workshops in luxurious locations around the globe, Lauren has developed her signature educational style into a full online workshop for wedding photographers looking to reach new heights in their business, work smarter, and create the photography and life of their dreams. This course includes all the in depth topics Lauren teaches on at her in-person events, captured in video format to create a transformative online course.


  • You've been in this industry for a few years and you KNOW you have more to give.

  • You're not being challenged at your current level of work or weddings.

  • You know you're under-charging, but aren't sure how to bring in that next level of dream clientele.

  • You want to travel the world and shoot destination weddings in beautiful locations.

  • You want to unlock the secrets behind the businesses of top photographers, planners and more.

  • You're feeling stuck, uninspired, burnt out, or ready for a fresh shift in your business.

  • You want your future clients to fall in love with your work and be willing to value you.

  • You'd like to make more money and shoot less.

  • You believe you have another level of potential to unlock in your photography and also within your business acumen.

 Lauren Fair Atelier will have a community element, too! Investing in the course grants you access to a private and exclusive Facebook group, where you can connect with likeminded photographers at a high quality level, build relationships, ask questions without fear of judgment, and grow together.  

Kind Words from Lauren's Education....

"Working with Lauren gave me the confidence and content to elevate my brand."

"I walked away [from Lauren's workshop] with the most breathtaking content for my portfolio that helped attract my dream clients, dream weddings, and elevate my career as a luxury wedding photographer. Since then, I've increased the value of my services and I now charge on average $15k --only booking weddings that bring me the same joy that Lauren's workshop brought me.
- Hannah Q Photography

What to Expect: Module Topics

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WANT to learn film, too?

How to Shoot Film: Bonus Module

Wait...there's more! This bonus module, or mini-course, will teach you how to get started with shooting film! Medium format, 35mm, point and shoot film cameras and all the details and techniques are covered in this add-on module. Want more details? Click below to view the How to Shoot Film Bonus Module page, or add both to cart using the Bundle option below! 

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Lauren Fair

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This is a bit about me....but really, my story is universal. This chapter? It's all about YOU and YOUR journey.

Businesswoman. Mom. Photographer. Artist. Traveler. Wife. Endlessly optimistic. Lover of Chanel, a crisp glass of Prosecco, a barefoot beach town, the tawny colors of European villages, and medium format film. Will hop on a flight to anywhere, anytime. Enneagram 7 and 3, outgoing to a fault, and a friend to all. 
My photography business began in college, when I bought my first DSLR camera to visit my sister studying abroad in Florence, Italy. I fell in love suddenly, all at once, and irrevocably, with the art of photography, and I've never looked back. It's a love affair that has never faltered and I am honored to share my love of this beautiful craft with other photographers. 
Since then, I've been honored to shoot hundreds of beautiful couples, grace the pages of top magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, People Magazine and more, work with celebrity clientele, and be named one of the top photographers globally by BRIDES.
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